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june 14th

lie down and listen

Lie down and Listen is a lying down concert experience preceded by meditation and mindful movement. You’ll be surrounded by stunning meditative music performed by top choral singers Genesis Sixteen alumni and pianist Christina McMasterMusic by Arvo Pärt|Phillip Glass|Peteris Vasks|Meredith Monk

Meditation and Mindful movement with Samuel Nwokeka

You will leave with a refreshed sense of peace and a strengthened connection with yourself, each other and the environment. 

“Last night was sublime, I didn’t want the experience to end. The whole thing was so uplifting”

Life enhancing and quite hypnotic. Trancelike!” 

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June 30th - 13.00-15.30pm
Yoga soul - manchester

Yoga transitions

Join me for this 2.5 hour workshop on yoga transitions, those moments in the practice that seem so short, we will brake them down. Understand how to use breath and weight distribution to make them seamless and just another part of the practice rather than where the practice breaks down.

We will learn drills, tricks and tips

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June 21st - 23rd

epic yoga festival

NBB will be sharing his practice with the people of Morocco and the world through the Epic Yoga Festival.

Come and be immersed in yoga, music and dance.

All information can be found on Epic Yoga Website

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July 13th - 15th

escape the city yoga retreat

Little Gayles
East Sussex
BN20 0BA

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September 20th - 25th

NBB bali
yoga retreat


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Samuel Nwokeka, Yoga Teacher, NBBYOGA, London yoga