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Rocket is Samuel’s practice of choice. Rooted in Ashtanga vinyasa, Rocket is a dynamic, fast-paced and free-flowing style, with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. Whilst there are 3 levels to rocket sequences (try the third if you dare!), Samuel rarely sticks to a script and always puts his own spin on every class.


The Rocket system was developed by Larry Schultz in the 80’s, informed by over nine years of dedicated Ashtanga practice with his teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Samuel has completed trainings with both The Yoga People (Jamie and Dulce) and David Kyle, both of which were taught by the man himself.


When the practice of Yoga first started appearing in the West, people would become frustrated that they couldn’t get into the poses, no matter how long they had been practising for. People started to realise that our own Western bones and flexibility are very different to that of the 14-year-old Indian boy for whom Yoga was originally invented. Samuel is a firm believer that there is no “one size fits all” way to teach.

Larry Schultz took this understanding and develop a new, more intuitive and inclusive style of yoga: “The Rocket”. The beauty of this style is that you don’t have to master every pose before moving on in the sequence; you are allowed to fall out of a pose. You can just laugh it off and carry on.

“Rest when you want, fly when you can.”


Though Rocket is incredibly fun, it is still rooted in the traditions of yoga philosophy. You’ll soon find that there is so much more to practicing Rocket than the physical benefits. Having practiced many different disciplines of yoga, there is nothing that gets people going more than the Rocket.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Yin Yoga

Find the Yin to your Yang

It’s all too easy to be consumed by the pace of life and all the distractions. In today’s 21st century lifestyle, we rarely take time to stop and reflect.

That’s where yin comes in.


Yin yoga is an ever-increasing, popular style of yoga. It’s perfect for those of us who live fast paces lives, and especially for those of us whose main practice is a yang form of yoga (which is most us).

Yin yoga targets the connective tissue of the muscle (fascia and myofascial) by holding poses for longer than you do in vinyasa yoga (anything from 3-5 minutes).

Too much of anything can turn into a bad thing, so we should always endeavour to have balance: finding equilibrium between your hectic lifestyle and fiery practice with YIN will increase the longevity of your yoga practice, while decreasing risk of developing an injury.

Yin yoga is beneficial in so many more ways than just the physical. You will learn how to still your own mind; to allow yourself to surrender; to take your practise deeper - without any effort.

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