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Samuel came to yoga through what seems to be a common route in today’s 21st Century Yogis, through an injury, which forced him to hang up his football boots just as his career was again progressing.


Samuel grew up in a small town near the Lake District, spending most of his childhood on a field with a ball between his feet. Whilst promising moments with Blackburn and Bolton academies, Samuel failed to take his career any further. Turning to academia, he spent 3 years in Manchester studying Accounting and Finance, upon leaving with a First-Class Honours; 9 months later he made the leap to the big smoke for a job as a Project Manager in the Banking sector.

Samuel was first introduced to yoga by his flatmate, who used to practice yoga on their balcony. After weeks of hesitation, he finally booked his first ever class in the form of Rocket yoga. Although he spent most of the class rolling around on the floor and looking in awe as others got into seemingly impossible poses, he was sold. It’s been nothing but a love story ever since.


It was around the same time that Samuel took a fall whilst skiing which forced him to call time on his football career that he had started to progress once again in the Essex Senior League. Not only did this give him the time to deepen his practice, but he soon learnt there was much more to yoga than the endorphin pump you get from the physical asana. The clarity and calmness it brought to his mind proved invaluable, giving him the tools to stay centred despite working long hours in the City.

With the encouragement and support of his teacher, Jonelle Lewis, he set off for his first teacher training in Goa, India. This step was to be a pivotal change for him, transforming his mind-set and his outlook on life.


Fast forward to today and Samuel's teaching style is fun and upbeat, focusing on linking breath with movement. He likes to challenge his students and to offer them ways to take their practice further. His energetic teaching style ensures everyone will take something away from each one of his classes - whether you are completely new to yoga or have been practicing for as long as you can remember.

Samuel is forever grateful to his teachers and those he takes influence from Larry Schultz, The Yoga People (Jamie and Dulce), David Kyle, Jonelle Lewis and Katarina Rayburn.